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Fall 2024 GSI Position- ISF 100A

Please review the recently-available GSI Position for ISF 100A this upcoming Fall semester.

ISF 100A provides an introduction to the works of foundational social theorists of the nineteenth century, including Karl Marx and Max Weber. Writing in what might be called the “pre disciplinary” period of the modern social sciences, their works cross the boundaries of anthropology, economics, history, political science, sociology, and are today claimed by these and other disciplines as essential texts. We will read intensively and critically from their respective works, situating their intellectual contributions in the history of social transformations wrought by industrialization and urbanization, political revolution, and the development of modern consumer society.

All candidates must be available for the lecture section attendance on TuTh, 9:30-11 AM. All candidates must be available to teach two discussion sections a week (M, 10-11 & 3-4 or W, 9-10 & 3-4). If the candidate is an international student, they must meet the language proficiency requirement. If interested, please send an email to with your resume and CV by Wednesday, 7/3/24. In the application, please be sure to describe your teaching experiences, especially here at Berkeley.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024. More information about the position is also available on the Graduate Student Instructors & Reader Positions page on the ISF website.