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UC Berkeley


Laura Bolton - Information Technology and Society

After graduating in the Spring of 2014, Laura moved to New York and began work at one of the worlds leading brand consultancies. The title of Laura’s thesis was “Internet Privacy and the Behavioral Advertising Industry: Controversies, Challenges and Recommendations to Reduce Consumer Fears Online.” Laura’s thesis compared regulatory practices in Germany to those in the UK and US.
Laura was both an international student and California resident. She writes: The ISF major was perfect as I’m a very independent person and loved formulating my own schedule of classes, taking classes that I wanted to, not that I had to. I was also able to study in Berlin in the Spring of my Junior year, attending the Freie Universitt Berlin, taking intensive German classes as well as Transatlantic Relations and International Business. Interviewing at many companies during my senior year, the ISF major helped incredibly. Depending on the particular job, I was able to elaborate on the coursework that most suited to the position.
I felt that talking about my thesis during interviews set me apart from other candidates in the competitive industry, and if I could do it all again, I would not hesitate to major in ISF.

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