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UC Berkeley


Rachel Greenfield - Corporations and Society

After graduating in Spring of 2013, Rachel moved to San Francisco and began working as a Campaign Coordinator at a marketing consulting firm that supports leading technology clients throughout the US. During her time at UC Berkeley Rachel also minored in Global Poverty and Practice. She writes: My experience as an ISF major profoundly shaped my time at UC Berkeley. I was able to take my education into my own hands and immerse myself in multiple questions surrounding the intersection of business and social impact. I studied abroad in England and was able to see how another country was addressing the role of business in society. Throughout my time as an ISF major, I took incredible courses at the Haas School of Business on corporate social responsibility, strategic philanthropy and media consulting. Fusing these courses with other disciplines such as the sociology of entrepreneurship, public policy, and global development studies turned my education into an unique learning experience. The ISF major gave me the platform to think about business in a new way while also providing me the opportunity to study what I love. I graduated with an eagerness to share my ISF experience and employers found the major to be extremely compelling and one of a kind. I look back at my undergraduate education with a smile and Im excited to see the ISF major grow over the coming years.

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