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UC Berkeley


Reece Soltani - Globalization and Development

Reece remains primarily interested in the cross between technology and education, and a believer in the market as a stable route toward economic progress. Reece recently joined a Silicon Valley Start-up in its first year of establishment as the Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining the global education platform FEDU, she was an AmeriCorps Fellow (New Sector Alliance Program) at Pacific Community Ventures (PCV) where she expanded the capacity of program development and delivery within the Policy and Impact Evaluation team. The year before joining PCV, Reece was the Field Support and Country Analysis Intern at HQ. In that capacity, she increased communication efficiency regarding policy and procedure to Kiva Field Partners, and constructed memorandums focused on Kiva’s long-term strategic initiatives. She intends to pursue her MBA in the Fall of 2016. Outside of FEDU, her other obsessions are dance, travel and cultural exploration. Reece has traveled to 22 countries and has an exclusive travel blog with an audience of 20+ countries reading: Her thesis was titled “The Paradox of Globalization: An Inter-Continental Perspective of Neo-Liberal Theory in Practice and its Dualist Impacts on Development”.

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