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UC Berkeley


Rakesh Bhandari

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Research Interests:  Heterodox political economy, Theories of the Self and the Posthuman in the Age of AI and Biotechnology, History and Theory of Racism, Critical Theory, and Classical social and political theory.  Rakesh’s diverse interests come out of graduate studies in Political Theory at Harvard where he began his graduate work, Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley where he wrote his dissertation, and the History of Science at Princeton University where he studied the history of Social Darwinism. He has also worked at a microprocessor firm and served in the […]

Shreeharsh Kelkar

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Shreeharsh is an interpretive social scientist interested in understanding how our new computing infrastructures of humans, algorithms, software, and data (or AI, as it’s all called these days) are changing labor, work practices, and expertise. PUBLICATIONS Kelkar, Shreeharsh. “Post-truth and the Search for Objectivity: Political Polarization and the Remaking of Knowledge Production.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 5 (2019): 86-106. Kelkar, Shreeharsh. “Engineering a platform: The construction of interfaces, users, organizational roles, and the division of labor.” New Media & Society 20, no. 7 (2018): 2629-2646. Ungated pre-print available on […]

Amm Quamruzzaman

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Amm Quamruzzaman Email: I teach interdisciplinary research methods, introduction to social theory and cultural analysis, health and development, and the globalization of rights, values and laws in the 21st century. I also supervise Senior Thesis research, a capstone experience and final product of our ISF major students. I have received my MA in sociology from Queen’s University in Canada and PhD in sociology from McGill University. At McGill, I taught research methods, introductory sociology, sociology of culture, health and development, development and underdevelopment, technology and society, social movements, and […]

Fang Xu

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Fang Xu is an urban sociologist with expertise in language, cultural identity, and public policies in urban China. Her other research interests lie in urban studies, consumption, nationalism, and migration. Dr. Xu currently works on a research project that investigates linguistic assimilation and linguistic discrimination experienced by first generation immigrants whose mother language is not English, and their opinions on the notion, “Be American, Speak English.” Publications Book: 2021. Silencing Shanghai: Language and Identity in Urban China. Lexington Books. Articles and Book Chapters: 2024. Aceska, A., Doughty, K., Tiryaki, M. […]